Blending New Families

I provide help for families in Lewes and Brighton who have issues relating re-formed and step families

My step children cause problems between me and partner

Blending together a new family is not an easy task. The children involved are sometimes moving between 2 family systems. All step families are together through some sort of loss or desired change, so this can take a bit of time to work through. It's really important to do this as a couple before it becomes a crisis.

My children do not like my step children 

It is important to remember that children are going through a period of adjustment and this can be hard,  and can be complicated by divided loyalties, the age and gender of the children/young people and their stage of life.

My husband treats the children differently

Sometimes children spend part of a week with a parent and there are all sorts of feelings and challenges as a result. Guilt or missing children can play a part in this. Hearing each others' feelings and working together is key to a positive outcome.

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My anxiety was crippling the family, it’s catching and infectious and effecting everyone. I’m so much better and the children are much better too
— Paula

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