Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each session?

I usually suggest the initial session is an hour and a half. Following this the sessions are usually an hour. With large families or adult groups I may suggest a longer session.

What happens at the first session?

You tell me what has brought you to see me and I ask questions which builds a narrative. This may be shared between family members or might be different for each of you. It is important to hear everyone’s thoughts and goals.

Near the end of the session we will think about what would be helpful and if you’d like to come back, who should come and when.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies between short term (approx 6 sessions) and longer term. We can discuss what  would be helpful and review as we progress. It is important to use the time between sessions to reflect, communicate and put some desired changes into action.

How will I know you are the right therapist for me?

I usually try to speak to you by phone and will send you helpful information before booking the initial appointment. Following this you can decide whether you want to come for therapy.

What sort of people do you work with?

A wide range of people of people of different ages, religions, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Who should attend?

Each case is different and I would start by talking with you about who think it's important to include. Sometimes I work with parents for some sessions and the whole family for others.

With coupes it may be helpful to include some individual sessions within the work we do together.

Do all family members need to attend for family therapy?

No, it's not necessary for all your family to attend family therapy. We will decide between us who will be invited to attend and this may vary from session to session.

What if my partner or other family member refuses to attend when I think they should?

This is not an unusual problem and I would talk with you more about this. It is important to remember that changes can occur even if only one person changes their responses .

Are your premises accessible for people who use a wheelchair?

There are 2 steps in my Lewes consulting rooms. Please discuss this with me as there may be other options for wheelchair users.

How frequent are appointments?

Frequency of sessions are agreed between us. Some people like to see me weekly, especially at first, while others see me every two, three or four weeks.

What if I need to cancel my session?

If you are able to give me twenty four hours notice then there is no charge. Unfortunately if you cancel within 24 hours I need to charge the full fee as there won't be enough time to offer someone else the appointment. 

How many people attend a group supervision session?

Between three and six.

What if I end too soon and want to come back ?

We’ll decide together how and when to finish therapy, there are lots of options including reducing frequency of sessions, or booking a review. Change is a process and not a one hit so if you want to come back for a ‘top up’or another piece of work we can arrange for that to happen.

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