The Challenges of Step Parenting

I work with families dealing with ongoing issues around step parenting and re-formed families in Lewes and Brighton

My step children cause problems between me and partner

This is a very common difficulty, all step families are born of loss and a situation that a child would not choose. Working together to agree how best to manage things is the first priority.

My children do not like my step children 

There are lots of complex feelings and split loyalties between children in the situation you describe and it takes time and effort to make a new family group.

My husband treats the children differently

There are many things to take into account between 'resident' and 'visiting' children and all the feelings involved, which may be quite distressing. It's important to think about this and have the difficult but important conversations initially between the adults.

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Wow, at first we found it hard and challenging. Then we were suddenly talking about all the things we had avoided, we connected and united in the challenge, step parenting is a minefield
— Tom

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