The definition of Systemic Therapy

Systemic Psychotherapy sometimes called family therapy is work with family relationships. This can be with individuals, couples or families

Sometimes families need help to hear each other, or adapt to different circumstances or life stages, to be able to hear each other’s perspectives and feelings. Systemic Family therapy is useful in allowing all voices to be heard and move away from unhelpful patterns of communication.

The family as an engine

A family could be described as an engine, all the parts are important but if one part isn't working the engine doesn't work at full capacity.


The therapist will help the family identify goals and hopes for the future of their relationships.

Initially it is important to help families stop blaming each other and begin exploring how everything can work better. 'Family' is defined as a close group and can include whoever you think it would be helpful to attend.

Short-term therapy

Shorter-term work explores problems that are more recent. Typically a life event or life stage problem which has triggered some distress. These kinds of problems may respond well to some shorter term work of between 5 and 10 sessions.

Long-term therapy

More established difficulties may require longer term work and we would discuss whether this would be helpful for you.

This may be useful for individuals, adolescents and adults, couple relationship work, parenting relationships, and whole families.

I work with adult family groups, parents with children, or across generational family groups. 'Family' is whoever you identify as important and would like to bring.


Couples may be considering how they would like to improve their relationship or whether they want to separate. There may have been a loss of trust or intimacy that has led to the breakdown, or potential breakdown, of the relationship.

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