Co-parenting after Separation

I work with families in Lewes and Brighton who are needing help with the issues surrounding co-parenting after separation and divorce

My ex and I cannot agree on when he/she should see the children

This can be fraught with potential for conflict, it's likely that there are other unresolved issues for you, which make managing this more difficult.

Talking this through can help move the obstacles.

We have different rules and expectations and the children play us off against each other 

Did you agree previously, if so what has changed?

Co-parenting after divorce and separation is about starting a collaborative relationship as parents. It can be hard to make this transition especially if the separation has been difficult and painful or when one party moves on. Sometimes a parenting plan agreed in therapy can help with ground rules .

If your family is experiencing any emotional difficulties due to separation or divorce, please fill in the form below or email or do call me on 07801 909 970

Thank you for working with us in such an open , containing and non judgemental way
— Kate and Tracey

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